Embroidered Tablecloth Cotton Linen


Color: White-Willow


Size: 35" x 35" (90x90cm)

35" x 35" (90x90cm)
35" x 35" (90x90cm)
39" x 62" (100x160cm)
43" x 43" (110x110cm)
55" x 55" (140x140cm)
55" x 70" (140x180cm)
55" x 78" (140x200cm)
55" x 94" (140x240cm)
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Package Include: 1pc item

Fabric: Polyester+Cotton

Selected material: Our tablecloths are crafted from a premium blend of polyester and cotton, striking the perfect balance between softness, strength, and ease of care.

Exquisite Patterns: Each design in our collection - the serene 'Willow', the alpine-inspired 'Edelweiss', and the classic 'Floral' - is carefully chosen to create an inviting atmosphere. The patterns are delicately woven into the fabric, offering a sense of depth and texture that elevates your dining experience.

Functional application: Ideal for a wide range of occasions, our tablecloths are suited for daily dining, holiday gatherings, celebrations, or even as thoughtful gifts. Their versatile design complements any interior, making them a must-have for any home.

Product Care
Easy Care: Machine wash in cold water, gently cycle; Iron at low temper.
Additional Information

White-Willow, White-Edelweiss, White-Floral


35" x 35" (90x90cm), 39" x 62" (100x160cm), 43" x 43" (110x110cm), 55" x 55" (140x140cm), 55" x 70" (140x180cm), 55" x 78" (140x200cm), 55" x 94" (140x240cm)

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