Sofa Slipcovers Chenille Jacquard Sofa/Couch Throw Blanket


Color: Green


Size: 70" x 51" (180x130cm)Size Guide

70" x 51" (180x130cm)
70" x 51" (180x130cm)
70" x 70" (180x180cm)
70" x 90" (180x230cm)
70" x 102" (180x260cm)
70" x 118" (180x300cm)
70" x 133" (180x340cm)
70" x 141" (180x360cm)
70" x 149" (180x380cm)
70" x 165" (180x420cm)
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Package Include: 1pc item

Fabric: Chenille

Quality dust cover: comfortable chenille fabric, solid color matching, beautiful and timeless, so that your furniture in any occasion to perfectly manage. Compared with the cover that only serves the purpose of dust control, this cover towel gives more possibilities outside of dust control.

One-piece cover / laying convenient: Perfect cover towel is sofa, recliner, bed, table, coffee table and other furniture cover, soft skin-friendly, wear-resistant, resistant to pet scratching, long laying without wrinkles, the whole laying, drape smoothly. Not only is the perfect dusting sofa cover, but also can be a towel blanket, nap blanket.

Function: The couch cover is suit for various sofas, such as sectional sofa, L-shaped sofa, armless sofa, futon sofa, normal sofa. Note: Buy two can works great for L-shaped sofa, and please purchase size according to measurement. 

Product Care
Machine wash separately in cold water on gentle cycle, mild laundry detergent advice.

Tumble dry at low temperature, or lay flat to dry. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

Slight shedding and shrinkage may occur during the first wash, which is normal.

We provide premium quality blanket, and focus on giving good customer service.

Please contact us for any questions and we will be pleased to assist you.
Additional Information

Green, Beige, Grey


70" x 51" (180x130cm), 70" x 70" (180x180cm), 70" x 90" (180x230cm), 70" x 102" (180x260cm), 70" x 118" (180x300cm), 70" x 133" (180x340cm), 70" x 141" (180x360cm), 70" x 149" (180x380cm), 70" x 165" (180x420cm)